Life After Landing on the Moon

There is nothing more significant than growing and giving. So while money is an extraordinary vehicle to meet many of our six needs, it’s not the only one. When you are pursuing money, don’t forget why you are pursuing it. You’re trying to meet some emotional and psychological desires. Underneath these emotions are the needs that must be fulfilled for your life to be extraordinary.

When the astronauts went to walk on the moon, imagine the journey they went on. From being a small child dreaming of someday flyer to outer space, to the day when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stood on the moon, looking back at that extraordinary view of the planet Earth that we’ve all seen only in pictures. They were the first human beings to do it in the entire history of the species- how incredibly significant.

What happened next? And then what?

What do you do after you’ve walked on the moon, and you’re only 39 years old?

If you’ve studied the history of the astronauts, or read their biographies, you’ll know that many of them became extremely depressed. Why? Because the only way they could find adventure was by traveling into space or all the way around the moon. They forgot how to find adventure in a simple smile.

Long story short, don’t wait to master yourself.

The fastest way to feel connection, a sense of how significant your life is, a deep sense of certainty and variety, and put yourself in a state where you can give to others, is to find a way each day to appreciate more and expect less.

The wealthiest person on earth is one who appreciates (1).

Whether that is grateful for being able to pay for the cost of membership, the ability to workout as intensely as you do, or the results you continue to see year after year of training, there is always something to be grateful for. You just gotta dig!

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