Learning When To Let Go Before Its Too Late

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a small business owner is when to let go of tasks that take up most of my time but produce the least amount of return. When I first opened my business in 2010, I had to learn everything. I was the coach, business owner, accountant, web designer, and bathroom cleaner.

This was satisfactory and even understandable with a membership base of 25 members, but as we grew to 200 members, these tasks began taking up more and more of my time. I knew that I needed help, but I was afraid to ask.

What I learned the hard way was that I could risk failure by giving up some of my tasks to others or I could continue to do all the work myself and risk burnout. I tried my best to do it all and eventually burned out. After going through that I finally choose to let go of some responsibility.

The irony was that by letting go of these tasks and training others how to fulfill these roles our business grew. The reason for this was that they were able to put much more focus and attention on these tasks.  I am more than happy to say that I no longer do accounting, web design, or daily cleaning.

As the business continues to grow, I have to continually ask myself if what I’m doing is worth my time. If I decide it’s not, I have to take a good hard look at myself and come up with a way to give up that role. Not only am I doing my team a disservice by trudging through these tasks I’m doing myself a disservice by pretending that this isn’t affecting my sanity.

It’s a fine line that we are all always playing.


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