I’ve spent the last year watching Gary Vaynerchuk & Casey Neistat do some amazing things on Youtube. Many of my personal and business inspirations have come directly from what they say or do.

This past year was also the best year of my life. I got married, bought a house, grew my business bigger than ever before. I just wish I could slow it down!

I had a panic attack the other day after turning 31 contemplating my life. That if I’m lucky to live to 62 years old I have already lived half-my-life. There is nothing I can do to add more years to my life if that was the case.

I started to question what I wanted my legacy to be and if I was in the direction of fulfilling that.

After days of contemplation, I realized that I just want to help make other people happy.

The second question was “am I fulfilling that?”. The answer is YES (Pheeeew).

Every day at CrossFit Naples I do my best to make my clients feel like it’s all about them as I try to deliver the best experience I can with the skill sets that God has given me.

But I feel like I can do more…

That’s where the Daily Vlog comes in. I want to share my life with you all. The good, bad, and ugly. So just like I did with Gary and Casey you can hopefully learn a thing or two that you can pass on to others.

Worst comes to worst, my kids can look at these videos and laugh at how much of a dork I am even if the Vlog turns into me working out a lot.

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