How would you define a successful coach?

How do you define success as a coach?

  • Is it by wins?
  • Is it by commitment levels?
  • Is it by keeping athletes out of trouble?
  • Is it by how much an athlete learns?
  • Is it based on their grades?

In our gym I’ve seen a trend of how our athletes progress through our program. They begin their first 3-6 months of CrossFit about 2-or-3 times a week. Around 6 months-to-a-year they upgrade to 3-to-4 times a week, even unlimited classes if they can afford it. But something interesting happens around the year-and-a half-mark to two-years. They back their membership back down and instead compliment their CF workouts with other workouts outside of the gym, either in a small commercial gym  for $10/month, better yet in their new home gym they created.

Did you see what happened there?

The psychology  of this individual changed. Through my program I empowered this athlete to take control of their own fitness. I equipped them well enough with proper movement, and a sound training protocol to do workouts on their own. No longer do I have to “hold their hand” to empower health and wellness into their lives.

This is powerful because these individuals most often then not came to me because they wanted results but don’t know how. They were fed up with the traditional model of fitness and dieting methods. They were bored out of their minds with machine training. And that’s where I came in. I excited them about fitness to take accountability for their own well being.

Here’s what makes a successful coach…. When you create enough passion in an individual for a training program or organization like sports that they try to replicate that same experience elsewhere. That’s success. When you see those individuals 5 or 10 years down the road and their still involved somehow and someway in the same sport you coached them in. To me that’s success. When they come back to visit you during their break or successful careers to come work out and show other athletes what they learned. Now that’s success.

Examples of success include:

  • They train as hard today in strength and conditioning the same way they did when they trained with you
  • Former runners running 5ks for fun
  • They help sponsor yearly fund raising to keep the sport thriving
  • They frequently spectate the sport they participated in
  • They decide to coach the sport as a career

The examples are endless but If you stop for  a moment and notice that if your a passionate coach success is all around you. Ironically this way of coaching is powerful because it offers an indirect feeder system of passionate people just like you. The program becomes more dominate year after year because you created a love for something that didn’t previous exist to them.

No wonder your program is so successful.

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