Binge eating is considered “eating excess-ive amounts of calories”.  Compared to what?!! Compared to the allotted amount of calories you need to sustain life. Don’t worry you won’t have to do math. All this stuff is online.

Binge eating is also typically associated with feeling sick or lethargic afterword. I haven’t binged eaten once on this program. Mainly because I’ve never felt deprived for too long.

If I want something that is considered “unhealthy” and I have the calories to eat them I do. If I don’t I wait the next day to eat it when I have the calories to do so. 

Binge eating an extra 500 calories in one day  from your allotted caloric intake will set you back approximately a week if you trying to lose a pound a week. Not worth it!

If you want a beer. Drink it! Just not 10 of them.You want bread? Eat some. Just not the entire loaf! Have you been craving some cake? Eat a slice. Just not the entire pie!

Nobody becomes obese eating one cheeseburger. Nobody becomes healthy eating one caesar salad either. Consistency is key! 

The flexibility of the program is my favorite part. Just don’t abuse it.

Here’s the program I’m on:

*Disclaimer: I am not associated with them or make any money for advertising their program. I just believe in it

Here how you calculate your appropriate calories according to your age, gender, weight, and activity level:

If you need any help going through the program feel free to DM me.