Fitness for Life

It’s hard to think that true fitness has no destination. In a culture which sells aesthetics it can be easy to get caught up in the hype. We strive for lifelong fitness.

Defined as improved and sustained work capacity over the entirety of ones life.

What has made CrossFit very powerful in my own life is that I can quantify my fitness abilities from my prior abilities. This guarantees, a data point that I can use of my past fitness levels as to my current state of fitness.

This becomes even more profound when building my fitness capacity to a level that I can maintain for as long as I can for the rest of my life. Lifelong Fitness that allows me to do whatever my hearts desire. Run a 5k. Sure. Complete an adventure Race. Why not? Learn Kite Surfing. That would be cool.  These are all things that my fitness abilities allows me to do because I’m able.

I have found that when I think of my training program as an avenue to do other things and not the end all be all I have found myself my happier and willing to try other things.

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