Don’t Let Your Marketing End Up Like Vine

In a perfect world, your ad gets seen, it propels someone to buy what you are advertising, and in that instant they buy. Hook, line, and sinker.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is not how it works.

In the real-world, only .9 per cent of paid ads are being clicked on. That means less than 10 of 100 people that see your ad will ever pay attention to it enough to engage with it.

So what’s confusion?

The difficulty lies in assuming that your paid campaign will motivate someone to buy once they see your ad. That is very unlikely. And the stats support it.

In a society that is highly skeptical of any SPONSORED ad, there has to be a different way to use paid marketing to our advantage.

That is where content marketing comes into play. This term, much like the word “cardio” in fitness, has been used so much that nobody knows what it means anymore.

At the basic level, content marketing is about producing valuable content. Ultimately, of course, it’s about the sell. It’s always about that sell but true content marketing leaves that as a long term strategy.

This approach is about putting out content about your profession in a manner that is relevant and engaging. Most importantly doesn’t ask for a single penny.The goal is about giving away as much information to your followers as you possibly can. You want to help make your followers lives easier, helpful, happier.

Examples of content marketing are endless

  • Car Mechanics- Create short 2–3 minutes videos on car maintenance tips and tricks. Encourage people to complete basic maintenance on their cars and build trust. Mechanics have the lowest confidence rating I’ve ever seen. Especially in college towns.
  • Tinting Companies- Post Pictures of Before/After on Instagram of your work. I met a guy recently that said his tinting company is not suitable for social media. All the while his competitor across the street is crushing him of FB.
  • Realtors- Go Live on Facebook and Instagram a do a walk through of a house for sale. Better yet do a walk through of a house not for sell and explain the things to look for when buying a house. All my realtor friends post pictures of houses for sale with the tag “Reduce Price…Only $499,00!!”. That’s a complete waste of time.
  • Churches- Pastors Vlog your day-to-day activities. The public needs to see that you’re compassion first hand. Sunday mornings aren’t enough. I used to go church a lot. As I got more involved, I was mind-boggled by the amount of generosity and time pastors and volunteers of the church spent helping people. To me, Sunday was the Big Show, but the magic was behind the scenes.

You get where I’m coming from. All business interactions are based on making connections, and content marketing gives us the opportunity to do that. The confusion I see with many marketing campaigns is that they try to sell first and hopefully make a connection after.

This is why I believe the click-through rate is so low. A connection hasn’t been made yet. How could you possibly ask for someone’s money so fast. It feels like a cheap date.

The only benefit I see in paid ads is to be able to be seen NOT for the sale BUT for the engagement.

To me, this is the ideal experience of a paid ad’s when I get marketed to:

  1. Company sponsors and ad that creates content for their potential customer base, like me. Targeting: Young 30’s, fitness, Naples, Fl
  2. The ad comes on my feed about an inspiring couple who used fitness to rekindle their marriage.
  3. I click on their ad and it sends me to their FB page where I start stalking, I mean researching, what their all about.
  4. Before logging off I “follow” their page to see what other stuff they start putting out.
  5. Over the next few months, I get notifications of the new content they put out. It’s diverse. One post was an instructional video they made on the common mistakes of the Deadlift. Another post was an Athlete Spotlight on a member who lost 20lbs. The most recent was a blog article on the ten benefits of playing outside.
  6. I’m finally sick and tired of being sick and tired of being overweight I begin to start thinking about going back to the gym.
  7. Guess what gyms come to mind? I call them. They set me up for a Complimentary Introduction. And the following week I’m now a gym member.

All becuase of content marketing….

REMEMBER…The approach has to be about being seen constantly. Stay in their face. They might not be ready the first time, the second time, third time, but eventually they will need something similar to what you sell. And that’s when your brand has the potential to come to their mind. Sell value through your content without asking for a penny. Eventually they will come to you when their ready.

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