Do you Sweat, Smile, Repeat?

Sweat, Smile, Repeat. Not only is this a simple formula for well-being it is backed by science.

Sweat. A study involving healthy middle-aged men and women in an 45 year span saw an increased risk of death of those individuals who remained sedentary compared to those that remained active. Recent investigations have revealed even rates of cardiovascular disease as well.

Smile. Studies have shown that the act of smiling has a profound impact on our emotions. Smiling triggers a reduction in stress-enhancing hormones and while simultaneously increasing the production of mood-enhancing hormones. Coincidentally people who frown less report experiencing more positive feelings.Some of this research is from anxiety and depression studies involving women who received frown-inhibiting Botox injections. The women were found to be happier than they were when they were physically able to frown.

These results are explained by what is called the “facial-feedback hypothesis,” which suggests that physiological responses, such as smiling or frowning, are not merely consequences of emotion but also have a direct impact on emotions. Don’t go running to get your botox injections. But you get the point, smile more, frown less.

Repeat. Exercising just once a year will do nothing for you. Neither will smiling once a year. Consistency through discipline is the only way this works. Training 3-4 times a week is more than enough to receive the same benefits mentioned above. Smiling takes a more concerted effort. For me, with a toddler running around, I can’t help but smile. Kids do the most darndest things. No matter how hard it is sometimes, believe me I know, make a conscious effort to smile. It does funny things to the brain, “tricking” it to make you happy regardless of circumstance.

Heres a trick: When you wake up in the morning make it a habit to smile in the mirror.  Over time it can make a big difference in your mood and in your life. As cheesy as it sounds I vouch for it’s  power becuase it has worked for me.

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