You’re catching the Medicine Ball All Wrong

A Wall Ball shot is a popular CrossFit exercise that  includes a descent of a Medicine Ball in a rack position, similar to the press— all the way down to the bottom of a front squat — followed by an explosive leg drive to the standing position, similar to jumping— at which point the ball would be released from my hands to the 10 foot target…That would be the definition of one perfect rep.

In CrossFit workouts are done with great intensity. One repetition at a time in that manner would only slow the athlete down and reduce their capability to generate high power output levels. Our focus under high duress is to save as much energy as possible while meeting the standard of the movement.

There is a workout in CrossFit called “Karen”, it consists of 150 Wall Ball Shots to a 10 foot target. Men use a 20lb weight, and females a 14 pounder. The goal is to complete all 150 reps as fast as possible. I’ve seen times as short as 5 minutes and under.


[Tutorial on how to catch the medicine ball appropiately]

With beginners, I noticed inefficiency in the movement as they would catch the ball in the standing position, then drop to the front squat, before completing another repetition. Time and time again this method has proven to be more exhaustive in nature. With that said, it takes much more coordination and accuracy to catch the ball at the bottom of the front squat as you are giving the ball more distance and speed to travel. This makes it harder to catch and time correctly but when done correctly will provide the efficiency required to score well.

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