There’s a trend in the fitness industry that bashes a coach for being too supportive.

I disagree.

If you look at the coaching Greats like John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, and Bill Walsh you will see characteristics of cheerleaders sprinkled into their coaching style. They knew how to get their athletes motivated by raising their voices, clapping their hands, and getting in their faces.


This wasn’t an end all be all to their coaching philosophy but used it when they felt like they needed to.

Where this argument holds a smidge of substance is if the coach solely believes their rah-rah abilities can lead a team. This simply doesn’t happen.

Nowhere in history did any great coach have only one skill that made them Great. It was a diverse set of traits that helped them win games and championships.

The art is finding the balance that makes other people think all you do is cheer.


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