Components of a competitive varsity strength and conditioning program


On this week's podcasts, we continue with our conversation from last week.  We discuss what we believe are the most important components of a varsity strength and conditioning program. Here is a timeline of our conversation: 2:05 mental training vs strength training 3:45 strength & conditioning as an avenue for mental training 5:00 the most important character 6:30 effort over talent any day 7:25 setting expectations for the upcoming season 9:00 the end goal of any sports is easy to identify 11:00 the art of simplicity 12:30 each sport should develop their go-to compound lifts 14:00 the lack of education is [...]

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85lb One Arm Push Press (demo)


The One DB Push Press is highly effective in developing greater power, strength, and coordination. Any limitation in any of this skill will become evident as loads go up. Here are some mental cues to help make this movement a bit easier for me: 1.Dip The dip is used to place the load of the weight into the leg. In doing so, will give us greater speed through the lift. Dip as necessary to feel the weight transfer into the legs but not so deep you feel like your squatting. 2. Drive The drive phase begins as you reverse from the dip, [...]

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25 Questions For Time


What's the hardest part about being you? Most people think I'm an extrovert. I'm not. Becuase of the career I've made a living being a highly energetic, extroverted coach people think that I'm that way all the time. I'm actually an introvert dressed in an extrovert custom. What do you own that most people don't know?  I own a humidor with a few dozen cigars at any one time. What are you really bad at?  Musical instruments. I've tried the guitar but had to string it left handed. Needless to say, it didn't work out. I have fantasies of playing the saxophone at five-star restaurants wooing the ole ladies. What's the worst purchase you've ever made? A really expensive [...]

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They lied to you and said it would be easy


They made you believe it was so easy to get in shape. They told you if you took this magic pill the weight would fall off. “As seen on TV” was the secret to a healthier life. Social Media lied to you. We won’t do that. We’ll tell you it's going to be hard. We'll tell you there will be days you won’t want to work out. We'll tell you to watch what you eat if you want to lose weight. We'll tell you this is a process, it won’t happen overnight. Because sometimes in life, we become so focused on [...]

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The Most Logical HSPU Progression [video]


It’s one thing to know the importance of performing hspu’s but it’s a totally different thing to know how to perform them properly. Like all things in fitness, you must work for them to get better. This is the most logical progression to performed handstand pushups…. 1. Make sure you can consistently hold a static position upside down. Work 10–15 seconds at a time until you athlete can hold 60 seconds at a time. 2. Working through the concentric motion is the next step. Any depth is a great start. Focus on sets of 3–5 reps for a while at that [...]

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Exercise Saved My Life


As a boy, physical activity was something that I never thought about. It was just something we did for fun. A typical day included riding my bike around town to hang out with friends... followed by pick up football and basketball games until the sun went down. You don’t really see that anymore. As I got older exercise became a passion of mine. The harder I worked the better I looked and felt about myself. It was addicting. This lead me to showing others what I was learning. I still remember in college when I was supposed to be [...]

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3 Exercises To Improve Your Squat


The most effective way to improve your to squat. The more time you spend in a squat the more responsive your tissues and joints will become. The best squatters in the world have ample range of motion at the ankles, knees, and hips. They descend below parallel with ease and finesse. Below are three versions of the squat you can add to your "toolboox" as a coach and athlete. At our facility, we use these squats as a warm up/preparatory exercise for more compound and powerful movements like the back squat, front squat, and overhead squat. 1.Pole Squat The Pole [...]

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10 Tips I Use On Social Media


Social mеdіа is here to stay. In business you will get quickly forgotten about if you aren't focusing on sound social media behavior. Here are 10 things I've done to build our business Facebook and Instagram page over the past year. 1. Deliver Value Yоu оffеr vаluе tо your сlіеntѕ bу gіvіng away what уоu knоw аnd are раѕѕіоnаtе аbоut. Do the same thing on your social media accounts. Are уоu a personal trainer? Whаt's уоur bеѕt cue fоr thе dеаdlіft? Arе уоu a lawyer? Whаt nеw lаwѕ will affect mу buѕіnеѕѕ іn 2016? Gіvе mе stuff thаt can ultіmаtеlу hеlр [...]

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Pull Up Superset


This is a great way to change up your pull-up training. This superset is unique in that it moves from a movement of HIGH FORCE, low velocity to an exercise of low force, HIGH VELOCITY all in the same set. Strength and Muscle Endurance all in one. Video Link

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