That’s when the lightbulb went off. This is my purpose in life…


Since as long as I can remember I always felt that I was born for a purpose.  I know it sounds so cheesy and when I was younger I would roll my eyes at anyone who said that to me. But give me a chance to clarify what I mean. I've always prided myself on my physical ability to do what many thought was very difficult to achieve, if not impossible. I Snatched 225lbs after 12 sessions of training. I walked 100ft on my hands on my first try. I performed 10 muscles up without knowing what a "false grip" was. But when [...]

That’s when the lightbulb went off. This is my purpose in life…2019-04-09T11:52:08+00:00

I would not tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself


Over the 15 years that I've been a personal trainer and the 10 years I've spent as a CrossFit coach, my training philosophy has evolved as my experience and knowledge grows.My current philosophy is that my role as a coach is "5% inspirational, and 95% educational". I'm not afraid to get in your face when there is 1-minute to go and I need you to jump back up on the bar to perform a few extra reps when you think you have nothing left to give. I don't hesitate to yell across the room when I see you do something great [...]

I would not tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself2019-04-05T08:49:30+00:00

I didn’t wake up fat it just kinda happened…


I didn't just wake up one day and look this way. It was a gradual yet inevitable increase in body fat over a 2-year period. At the time, I was putting in 50 hours-a-week running a gym, an extra 15 hours-a-week getting my MBA online, raising a 1-year-old, and another on the way. Looking back I'm convinced that the reason I gained so much weight was that I never had a plan put in place as all my responsibilities grew. Something had to give and because of that eating healthy and exercising took a back seat to all my other duties [...]

I didn’t wake up fat it just kinda happened…2019-03-10T23:33:42+00:00

It’s Never Been About Being The Best


The 2019 CrossFit Games Open series is officially underway! And if there's one thing the CrossFit Open is showing the 46 participants who registered at our gym is that we can ALWAYS improve. In the first Open workout, we were asked to perform a grueling 15-minute circuit of wall-ball shots and rowing. Although the movements didn't require a lot of skill, the simplicity of the workout didn't allow for much rest. To me, this workout was a test of mental toughness. The goal of the Open has always been to EXPOSE WEAKNESSES. In the second Open workout that we completed this [...]

It’s Never Been About Being The Best2019-03-05T12:43:27+00:00

Frankenstein Push Jerk: Don’t Try This At Home


One of the hardest concepts to grasp when learning how to push press and push jerk is how to perform the beginning and middle portion of the lift with legs and hip ONLY. I tell my clients that I wish that we all had X-ray vision so that we could actually see how much energy is being used by the lower body with little to NO assistance from the arms. It's almost as if the arms don't exist during the "dip and drive" phase of the push press and push jerk. In fact, the only time my arms do any work [...]

Frankenstein Push Jerk: Don’t Try This At Home2019-02-23T00:36:15+00:00

Strict Press Slow Motion Challenge


The Overhead Press is a full body, compound exercise. Your shoulders and arms press the weight over your head while your legs, lower back, and abs create the base for heavy loads. Unfortunately, in my experience, this movement is commonly performed incorrectly by athletes with overdeveloped chest and shoulder muscles and a dreadful lack of flexibility. As you can see on the image to the LEFT this leads to a compromise to the front rack position and a hip that is too far forward (eventually compromising the low back). One of the best drills you can perform for yourself and your [...]

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The real reason you want to lose weight and exercise more


Whether we realize it or not, we are all chasing happiness in one form or another.  Think about this for a second...What are the most common New Year Resolutions? "I want to lose weight.""I want to exercise more.""I want to save money." The list goes on and on but the thought process remains the same. We believe by achieving these goals we will become happier individuals.  "I want to lose weight" because losing weight will make me happy."I want to exercise more" because it will give me more energy which will make me happier. "I want to save money" because if I [...]

The real reason you want to lose weight and exercise more2019-01-02T18:37:44+00:00

Don’t play Wheel of Fortune with your health


Sometimes it feels like we are playing a game of Wheel of Fortune when it comes to our health. In which we spin the wheel with our eating habits hoping that it won’t negatively affect our health. So how do we get to a point where we can gain complete control over what we eat? We do it with effective, proven, and practical strategies that eventually turn into healthy habits. These five strategies allowed my wife and I to eat “healthy” enough and below our means that we were able to lose 50lbs in total. 1. Look up the menu beforehand Anytime [...]

Don’t play Wheel of Fortune with your health2018-12-18T17:23:52+00:00

Our experiece weighing ourselves daily


My wife and I have been weighing in almost every morning for the last 5 months. As of late, we made it a habit to weigh ourselves every morning before breakfast. Some days we lose a few ounces, sometimes we lose up to a pound! I remember one morning a few weeks back she was up over two pounds! Needless to say, she wasn't happy. I had to quickly remind her that the scale isn't always going to drop. And that's okay. We both know she did everything right the day before and that's all that matters. Trying to figure out [...]

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Deciding how to act is a virtuous endeavor


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl As much as we would love for everything to ALWAYS go our way there will always be situations or even days that don't go according to plan. It's in those moments when we must identify the things we CAN control in order to turn our situation into a positive one. If you do that often enough you take the focus away from what you can't change, which is hopeless and causes anxiety into putting the focus on the things we can control [...]

Deciding how to act is a virtuous endeavor2018-11-30T20:57:13+00:00

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