The Best Cue for the “Wall Walk” (Athlete & Coach)


For some reason, as soon as we ask a strong and athletic individual to wall walk backgrounds they become completely uncoordinated and discombobulated. In this video, I explain a few tips that can make you more effective and efficient walking upside down against the wall, especially under duress. Via Naples Strength & Conditioning Youtube What's the best way to coach it? 1. Start at the bottom of the push-up position 2. First, come to a strong rigid plank position 3. Take the biggest first step you can make with feet above your hips and ball of the foot against a [...]

The Best Cue for the “Wall Walk” (Athlete & Coach)2019-02-20T00:46:18+00:00

Allergy Testing As A Potential Revenue Stream For Your Gym


I wanted to share why we started offering allergy testing at our facility last year and why this could be a great way to add an extra revenue stream into your gym while adding more value to your members. MY STORY Before going on a diet last year I wanted to see if there were certain foods I may be allergic or intolerant to. I was already suspicious of foods that upset my stomach but I wanted confirmation. After much research on the various types, I found a company online that offered allergy testing at an affordable price. When I got [...]

Allergy Testing As A Potential Revenue Stream For Your Gym2019-02-19T00:29:18+00:00

Why I Choose To Lose 20lbs ASAP!


Nobody becomes obese or overweight overnight. It's a slow but inevitable increase in weight and decrease in physical activity. It happened to me during "dad bod season". That's what I call what happened to me during the last two years of our families growth. Two boys under two are no joke! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't terribly overweight but I knew I wasn't in the best shape that I believed I could be in. Here are the reasons I ultimately decided to lose 20lbs.. To practice what I preach Unfortunately, in the fitness industry first impressions are purely based on [...]

Why I Choose To Lose 20lbs ASAP!2018-10-25T18:31:14+00:00

How To Diet With Your Spouse So You Don’t End Up Divorced


At some point in your marriage, one or both of you will be faced with having to go on a diet. For my wife and I, we ended up going on diets for different reasons but ultimately we decided to do it together. It has been a fun process working with each other. We feel it has strengthened our marriage learning how to do one of the hardest things you can do together and that's...DIETING!! If you've ever dieted before you know what I'm talking about. If you've ever dieted before you know what I'm talking about. The proof is in [...]

How To Diet With Your Spouse So You Don’t End Up Divorced2018-09-02T15:59:26+00:00

Do you know the difference between hunger and cravings?


Written by: Mario Ashley, MBA Whether you give into hunger or cravings it has the same overall effect....and it's over-eating. Sometimes that's based on a physiological necessity (hunger) to eat more and sometimes its a psychological response (craving) that we want to be aware of. Here's how you can spot the difference between hunger and cravings: EMOTIONAL EATING We all have certain foods that make us feel good when we eat them. They bring up memories of our found childhood. These comfort foods have a smell and flavor profile to them that lights up our memory centers in our brain. Cravings [...]

Do you know the difference between hunger and cravings?2018-08-24T15:40:33+00:00

START, STOP, KEEP your way to success


Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when its a choice between where you are and where you want to be. - Unknown In the pursuit of improving one's health,  if you can take a step back and look at what you need to do in order to get the results you want, decision making can become quite easy to identify. Decision making is a combination of starting, stopping, and keeping specific behaviors and habits that get results. We all have goals that we want to attain in life. In fitness, they are very easy to quantify. "I want to lose [...]

START, STOP, KEEP your way to success2018-08-15T17:51:44+00:00

My Skinny Friend Taught Me How To Be Skinny


One of my "skinny" friends who rarely exercise never seems to eat enough and when I do catch him eating his portion sizes tend to be much smaller than anyone else's. It got me thinking, as much as people use bad genetics as an excuse for being overweight, I think that's just a cop-out for a much simpler explanation. My hypothesis is that skinny people are skinny because they embody behaviors that help them stay naturally skinny. Likewise, those that struggle with their weight (like me) have to think very hard to make the same choices skinny people make without hesitation. Heres [...]

My Skinny Friend Taught Me How To Be Skinny2018-07-31T15:59:02+00:00

Fitness is not a look, its a lifestyle that we can quantify


I truly believe if we take this approach into our lives we will find a consistency that will provide the "look" we want. The ultimate goal of fitness should always be health. In 2000, CrossFit defined Fitness as a buffer to sickness. Using a bell-shaped curve we can see that the fitter we become the greater the gap we create between us and pathological disease (sickness). CrossFit went as far as to define and quantify the difference between sickness, wellness, and fitness. For instance, if you're blood pressure is 140/90 you would be diagnosed as "hypertensive" (sick). If your blood pressure [...]

Fitness is not a look, its a lifestyle that we can quantify2018-07-02T18:31:26+00:00

My current 3 favorite health apps


I want to briefly share the three apps he uses on a daily basis and their benefits. MyFitnessPal Logging your food on paper is a thing of the past. As a food journal and database, there isn't a food or recipe you can't log on MFP. Created in 2005 MFP has over 150 million active users. In a Consumer Reports diet rating, the free version of MyFitnessPal has been rated the best free program in overall satisfaction, "maintenance, calorie awareness, and food variety". If you can't lose weight its simply because you are eating more than your body needs. MFP will [...]

My current 3 favorite health apps2018-06-20T14:53:06+00:00

Are you over-training or under-recovering


In this episode we talk about: 00:55 Do you consider recovery days as part of training? 2:30 Under-recovery is a misuse of a training program 3:30 Eating is part of training 4:10 Professional athletes are always ON 5:10 Recovery isn't taken seriously becuase it isn't fun or sexy 6:45 if you can't get in a good position you will never be able to maximize your ability 8:20 Injury forces/humbles you toward better recovery methods 9:15 signs of over-training 11:10 pain is a clear indicator that something is wrong 13:00 decreased motivation as a sign of over-training 14:00 learning how to listen [...]

Are you over-training or under-recovering2018-06-12T17:39:04+00:00

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