My Experience Visiting My Father In Prison For The First Time


My memory during his prison years are very blurry. Fortunately for me these weren’t years I prefered to recall. Most often dad would call us Collect. Mom would ignore many of his phone calls over the years she said it “cost too much money”. When we did talk there wasn’t much to say. I was too busy doing what little boys do with too many sisters. Playing outside. I would do anything to get away from all that fingernail painting and dress up games most of my sisters liked to do. Dad’s common source of communication was post cards. I always [...]

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Why It’s Important To Know How Your Friends Would Describe You


You can listen on Itunes, Soundcloud, or Youtube. If someone were to describe you in a word or a phrase what would they say? How would YOU describe yourself in a word or a phrase? I believe the bigger the gap between who we want to be and how other people perceive us is what causes inner conflict. Acknowledging that gap takes an immense amount of authenticity, humility, and self-awareness. Many won't stop for a second and even ask in the first place. Not me. For example, I would describe myself as "consistent" and "upbeat". I would bet that other people [...]

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This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for


This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for... 1. My wife. Without her, I'm just a lost puppy with no direction. I've come to depend on her as my voice of reason. She's actually really funny too! 2. My son. It's been a little over a year since he was born. A day hasn't gone by that I haven't laughed and smiled at something he has done. He gives me purpose. 3. My family. I don't get to see them much but whenever I need something they drop everything for me. I hope I can provide the same to them when they need [...]

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Happy Bday Son!


Dear Liam, Today is a very special day. Exactly One Year Ago today you were born. In that moment you gave me the privilege and honor to be your father. I remember leaving the hospital like it was yesterday. I was a nervous wreck driving you home. When we finally got home we showed you around the house and your bedroom. I must have checked on you 100x the first night to make sure you were still breathing. As time went on you grew more and more giving mom and I time to become better and better parents. I admit mommy [...]

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A great marriage is like a great fitness plan


It requires work, discipline, and constant feedback. Work The couch potato metaphor is used often when explaining the effectiveness of starting any fitness routine. It implies that no one has ever gotten in great shape by sitting on the sofa. It takes work, and it is that work over time that produces amazing results. It must also be challenging. That the at the work that we put in provides a challenge of some kind. It requires us to push beyond the boundaries of comfort but not so much that it destroys us. Improved fitness is weird like that, you have to [...]

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Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad


My dad spent 13 years in prison. He’s not in jail anymore and nobody really knows what he’s up to. Very seldom do I think about my dad but lately as I’ve had many conversations about me as a father I can’t help but think about him. At 18 years old with two more years to serve I went to see my dad by myself. His English isn’t that good so before I went I wrote my thoughts and feelings about him in Spanish. I can’t remember everything I told him but it was something to the extent of how hurt [...]

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The Phantom Cry Got Me Good


I never understood why my mom was so worried about me all the time until I had Liam. At night is the worst. I haven't fallen into a deep sleep since he's been born. I check him every five minutes to make sure he's still breathing. This is so not me. I'm a serenity prayer kind of guy. I don't worry much because I know I can't control or plan everything that happens in life. Rarely do I let emotions get the best of me. All that has been thrown out the window from the moment I met him. He was [...]

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What Fatherhood Can Teach You About the Importance of Fitness


The moment I walked out of the hospital after Liam was born my life felt different. It’s difficult to describe in words. The best way to describe it is like starting life over with a fresh pair of eyes. As I started driving home I began to recognize businesses in retail plaza’s I’ve never noticed. I slowed down, instead of speeding up towards a yellow light. Everything looked and felt new again. It’s one thing to be responsible for taking care of yourself but the moment I realized that Liam depends 100% on me and my wife to survive I’ve never been the same. [...]

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