Can you squat like Frankenstein?


This might sound illogical for you to hear the first time but from a squatting perspective, you don't need your hands at all. In fact, the bar is not something that we're supposed to hold on to, but instead is something that becomes a part of us. We grip the bar with our palms as a necessary by-product of having upper body limbs attached to our body. Which is why you need to become more like Frankenstein. FRANKENSTEIN SQUATSThis exercise is a great self-awareness drill to help athletes understand how important full bar contact “up and over the anterior shoulder” [...]

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ONE Day or Day ONE: My Unorthodox Path To Success


If you asked me 15 years ago what I thought I would be doing with my life, there is no way I could have predicted my current career, my family of four that I adore and love so much, and the people I get to work with and coach on a daily basis. Because at the moment in my life nothing even remotely resembled my current life. So when I tell you I wake up every morning and go to bed every night counting my blessings. I'm not being sentimental. I'm just being completely honest with you. In my late teens-early [...]

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A logical progression for training L-sits in a group setting


Muscles WorkedPrimary: Abs, gripSecondary: Lats, Hip Flexors The L-sit hold is a powerful core strengthening exercise that develops isometric strength in the abs and grip, improved body awareness, and hanging skills necessary for more advanced movements. L-sit training falls under a form of training called Isometric (static) strength training. Isometric exercises, involve holding specific movements in position that lengthen the muscle while forcing a "static" paused position in which there is no visible movement at the joint at any movement during the set. This form of training elicits improvement in strength, flexibility, and control while drastically reducing high volume repetition work [...]

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The Best Cue for the “Wall Walk” (Athlete & Coach)


For some reason, as soon as we ask a strong and athletic individual to wall walk backgrounds they become completely uncoordinated and discombobulated. In this video, I explain a few tips that can make you more effective and efficient walking upside down against the wall, especially under duress. Via Naples Strength & Conditioning Youtube What's the best way to coach it? 1. Start at the bottom of the push-up position 2. First, come to a strong rigid plank position 3. Take the biggest first step you can make with feet above your hips and ball of the foot against a [...]

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2 NEW Double-under Drills for ALL Levels


There are TWO main concepts to proficient doubler under which include: Efficient wrist rotation Proper landing mechanics. These drills specifically and drastically improve wrist rotation. Video analysis is the best coaching tool for correcting errors in the double under. "The video become their mirror." EXPERT TIP: Spending a little extra time filming athletes perform double unders and playing it back in slow motion allows the athlete to visually see these flaws in real time. -Mario Ashley Over many doubles, his shoulders and stiff elbows begin to take over. I tested his doubles by asking him to perform as many as he [...]

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4 Logical Progressions For Learning The Bar Muscle Up In Group Class


Today was eye-opening for many members at our gym. For the first time in years, we programmed Bar Muscle Ups. Some surprised themselves and were able to perform their first BMU unassisted. Others who could normally perform unassisted Kipping Chin-to- Bar Pull-ups couldn't come close at all. The general consensus at the end of class was that their lack of strength was the missing component. Disclaimer: These movements are not the end all be all for learning how to do a Bar Muscle-Up (BMU). The cold hard truth for many athletes is they lack the basic requisite strength to even come [...]

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The 3 things I did to bring sexy back that you can do too


Listen On Soundcoud, Itunes, or Youtube. In the 1900s, Italian economists named Vilfredo Pareto became famous for popularizing the "80/20 rule" later abbreviate the Pareto Principle. In his research findings, he noted an interesting relationship between cause and effect. Specifically,  he noticed that  80% of all land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people. He was later able to extend his general observation that 80% of all effects/outcomes come from only 20% of causes. Although this was originally noticed as an economic principle it would later be extended into all industries including strength and conditioning. So if that's the case what [...]

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Nick Saban defines Mental Toughness in a whole new way


During Spring training head football coach Nick Saban shared with his players the definition of mental toughness in a way I’ve never heard it before. His epiphany of what it means to be mentally tough came from his experience weather proofing his Florida home last year during hurricane season. During the installation of his hurricane proof windows, he asked the installer, “how do you figure out that those windows are better than these windows?” The installers replied we measure the toughness of the window by “the breaking point each window has.” It was right then that Nick Saban understood mental toughness [...]

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Do you have a daily routine? If so, what is the most important step?


This question was originally answered by me on Quora Hi William, Thanks for reaching out to me. As you have noticed by reading the comments below that each routine is uniquely different from the next. Some wake up early, some meditate, some workout, some read. What I’m careful about when I read comments like these is for people who say you have to do it an exact way. There’s no such thing. We are completely different beings that respond differently to specific routines. What I think is most important is that you develop enough self-awareness in yourself to know what makes [...]

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Can you have a virtual mentor that you’ve never met?


I do not believe reading a book about someone or watching their videos on Youtube is enough to call someone a mentor. Mentorship requires real-time feedback. It requires a relationship in which the mentor can be brutally honest with the mentee. This is exactly why I do conference calls with business owners and entrepreneurs. I want to be able to give them honest feedback/criticism on what they can do better. Sometimes people just need someone to vent to, by the end of the conversation they've solved the problem themselves. Haven't you noticed it’s always easier to diagnose someone else's problem although [...]

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