A Year Later…3 Tips to starting any business

A year later I still stand by what I say about what it takes to start any business…

1. Make sure the business you want to start is something you are PASSIONATE about.
I don’t believe you wake up every morning completely and utterly immune to unhappiness because you are doing something you love to do. What I mean is that you have an immense interest in the field you are committing your life to doing. The work week is statistically getting longer and longer. Passion on average gives you purpose and drive to keep going when things get hard.

2. Don’t quit your day job.
The moment you do that you begin to work off emotion. It took me two years to quit my day job before the gym started turning a profit. I understand that if I were worried about paying my rent, I’d make drastically decisions that would crush my hopes of becoming a business owner. The smartest way to transition into a full-time business owner is through the science of contrary relationships. As your new business venture makes more money, you can spend less time and energy on your current job. This is smart and tactical.

3. Just start.
What’s the one thing you can do today to get your business started? Do that every day, and you’ll eventually have a business you are proud of. Doing everything at once is impossible. Doing so will only burn yourself out. The effect of just starting is like a domino effect. One effect requires another action, that action creates a new effect. This process is how successful business’ are created.

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