A Simple Weight Lifting Program That Can Be Used Many Different Ways Depending on Your Goals

There’s no such thing as a perfect weightlifting program. Whoever does say that is probably trying to sell you something.


How you use this template is totally up to you. I can say with the types of movements you train with, the amount of volume you will complete, and the varied days you hit certain movements you can be sure to see an improvement. No matter what your experience you can see great results in a short amount of time.

  1. These lifts can be set as Part A of your daily lifting regime or coupled in between the other lifts you have set for the day. I wouldn’t supplement after conditioning work.
  2. You aren’t required to train 6 days in a row. You can hit every other day OR hit only the lifts you want to get better at.
  3. Much like the conjugate method, you will see heavyweights coupled with lighter weightlifting days.
  4. Every 6 weeks you want to test out the lifts you care about most. Repeat all over again using new personal records.
  5. Increase weights when you see the same lift with the exact set/rep scheme. (ie If I finished my last set of 5reps of Bench at 285lbs in Week 3 than on Week 4 for the same set of 5reps I want my last sets to be 5-10lbs higher.)
  6. Get uncomfortable. If you’re a powerlifter train one of the Oly Lifts. If your an Oly lifter train one of the other compound lifts.
  7. Every 3rd cycle  take off a week off from anything over 50% of your 1RM.


About Mario Ashley

Mario Ashley is the owner of Naples Strength & Conditioning. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Florida. He has certifications in the following CrossFit Courses: Mobility, Gymnastics, Football, Kids, Goal Setting, Endurance and Level 2 Certificate. He is also the creator of where he helps gym owners professionalize the warehouse gym one lesson at a time. He also has created an Ebook that fitness professionals can use to help improve their clients flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injury called

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