A Quick Way to Connect With Your Clients

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.

Social awkwardness comes from not being able to relate to people.

Around my best friends I’m an extrovert; loud, obnoxious, goofy. Around people I don’t know I’m an introvert; quiet, passive, guarded.

Owning a business for almost 6 years I’ve gotten a lot better at communicating with clients on a daily basis even if it’s been weeks since I’ve seen them last. I treat new members as if I’ve known them for years. Here’s a communication trick I learned in a business consulting group that really helped me connect quickly and consistently with people.

It’s called POGO (Personal, Organizational, Goals, Obstacles).

It’s an acronym that has saved me in many situations in which I would have thought I had nothing to talk about. This has also become a life saver in social events where I would tend to become reclusive.


These are things you learn over time from people. They have 2 kids, they just went on vacation, they just completed a 5k race. Conversations are as simple as “how did your 5k Race go this weekend? How was Italy? ” No fluff. Just easy conversation starters.

People love to talk about themselves. I let them. It makes my job easier.


This is about their career and the organization they work for. He works for Verizon as a store manager with one weekend off a month. I always start off with, “how’s work treating you these days?” If you listen long enough you might even get hooked up with the Iphone6!


There are goals clients have when they initially use your service. In my industry it’s to look better and feel better. Throughout the process they are learning many new movements that can be quite challenging. I always check up on them and see how some of the stubborn exercises are coming along. “Have you been practicing your pull-ups lately? How the weight loss coming along?”

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.


These are the things that are holding your clients back from getting results. This is a great opportunity for you to help them troubleshoot the issue and come up with creative solutions. “Have you tried melatonin for better sleep?” If you’re having trouble eating a healthy lunch at restaurant maybe you can view the menu before you get there to help you make better decisions.”

The more and more you do this the more natural it becomes. In conversation I am always weaving in and out POGO in the same conversation. It helps get the conversation going and keep it going.

It is these types of conversations that build trust and loyalty over time. 

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