A balanced life is a myth

There’s NO such thing as a balanced life.

If you take a hard look at your own life, what is happening is a push-and-pull effect of your priorities. What many people call balance is COUNTER-BALANCE.

When we say, “we’re out of balance,” we’re usually referring to a feeling that our priorities are either being unmet or lacking attention.

The fact of the matter is things will always be left undone.

Leaving some things undone opens up room to switch up our priorities. It gives us greater brain power and energy to get things done.

Doing one thing at-a-time, at full capacity is the necessary tradeoff for results.

The issue becomes when we begin to feel bad about ourselves for temporarily neglecting the things “we should” be doing to focus on something else.

The question of balance is a question of priority.

I encourage you to stop striving for balance and put more focus on prioritizing. What do you have to do right now to feel progress? What one thing can you do today to feel accomplished toward achieving your goals?

It’s an immensely humbling practice because you first have to acknowledge that you aren’t Superman (Superwoman). You are human with a finite amount of energy per day. Trying to do more for MORE’s sake will only leave you tired and unhappy.

When you’re supposed to be working, work, and when you’re expected to be exercising, exercise.

I do admit that taking on a life of COUNTER-BALANCE requires a constant awareness of your needs. Prioritize daily. Before you go to bed write one or two things that must get done as non-negotiables.

COUNTER-BALANCING, not balancing, is the key to a happier life.

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