3 Tips for Weekend Weight Loss…Guranteed

I love the weekend.

It’s a time for me to decompress, reflect, and recharge.

For those who are on a diet it’s like a nightmare that comes to fruition every Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend throws the dieter off every time. They are off their routine, they stay up too late, and overeat. If I had to give a formula for weight gain it would be those three things.

If I had to give a formula for weight gain it would be those three things.

So what do I tell people who struggle with this nightmare on Elm Street?

“Treat it like a work day without all the stress”, I say. Use the habits that help you stay motivated on the weekday and extend it to the weekend.


Get up like normal. Your internal clock is probably waking you up anyways. Don’t fight it. The first few minutes are always the hardest but staying in this routine will get you motivated to be productive and not veg out on the couch all day.

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2. Sleep

The general complaint from my clients is that they want to sleep in. “I’ve had a long work week”, they normally complain. I totally get that but 8 hours is plenty. You can’t beat sleep by getting more sleep. There is a threshold where getting too much sleep can produce the opposite effect. I’ve taken this liquid melatonin for years with great success.

3. Overeating

Track your food no matter what. If you eating fast food. Track it. Going out to dinner? Track it. Drinking a beer, or two, track it. The worst thing you can do on the weekend is to stop tracking your food. Hold to your guns like you did on the weekday. It’s a non-negotiable. Weight gain is largely due to over-consumption. Overeating is impossible is you are actually watching everything you eat. I highly endorse MyFitnessPal

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