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Why I Choose To Lose 20lbs ASAP!


Nobody becomes obese or overweight overnight. It's a slow but inevitable increase in weight and decrease in physical activity. It happened to me during "dad bod season". That's what I call what happened to me during the last two years of our families growth. Two boys under two are no joke! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't terribly overweight but I knew I wasn't in the best shape that I believed I could be in. Here are the reasons I ultimately decided to lose 20lbs.. To practice what I preach Unfortunately, in the fitness industry first impressions are purely based on [...]

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My dumbass got an MBA doing these three things


I don't know about you but sometimes life feels like a list of endless To-Do's. The thought of having to complete all these tasks can feel overwhelming. It's a never-ending feeling. It doesn't surprise me that 37% of Americans (~120million) suffer from anxiety. And that's just the ones who admit to it. So the question is, "how can we have our cake and eat it too? In other words, how can we learn how to manage all these tasks, while learning how to enjoy it in the process? Here's what has helped me... Dichotomy of Control This is a fancy term [...]

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Everyone has a dieting worldview whether they acknowledge it or not


I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to give a nutrition presentation at True Foods Kitchen in Naples, FL with over 40 people in attendance. This new restaurant was founded by Dr. Weil, the founder of the Anti-inflammatory diet and was recently funded with a "significant investment" by Oprah Winfrey. In one of the beginning slides I made it clear to people that regardless of what I said it was their responsibility to fact check it against credible sources because whether we realize it or not, we all have a dieting worldview. This is important to recognize because everything you [...]

Everyone has a dieting worldview whether they acknowledge it or not2018-10-02T15:15:48+00:00

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