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Date Night Saved My Marriage


It has been over 17 months since Liam was born. My wife and I joke all the time that we can't remember what we use to do with all our free time. And that's the double-edged sword of being a parent. On the one hand, the excitement of a new baby keeps your constant attention on keeping your child alive and happy, but in doing so, you stop doing the things you loved to do because of the attention required to raise your child the "right way." Some of the fondest memories I have with my wife are at "date-night." If [...]

Date Night Saved My Marriage2017-12-19T19:46:45+00:00

10 Ten Gifts Santa Would Give You If You CrossFit


Do you remember when you were a little kid and Santa hooked you up with all the new gadgets? Then you became an adult and Santa stopped coming. Treat yourself to one of these Top 10 CrossFit gear. Its what Santa would want! :) Knee Sleeves If I didn’t feel like I would be judged in public I’d wear my knee sleeves around town. In training, when I use them it feels like I have implanted a new pair of kneecaps. Not only do knee sleeves keep your knees warm the compression allows for the knees to track appropriately in a [...]

10 Ten Gifts Santa Would Give You If You CrossFit2017-12-30T20:21:36+00:00

Learning How To Become Thoughtless


Emotions play an important role in many situations. They help us empathize, express, and feel. Without emotions, we would never be compelled enough to take action, big or small. I’ve heard it said that emotions are Energy in Motion, E-motion, hence the term. When it comes to our fitness goals, emotions tend to have a sabotaging effect. Emotions usually get the best of us on Friday’s, when we snooze our alarms instead of getting up at 5 am to go workout. Emotions also get the best of us in the middle of a workout when we allow frustration to sabotage our workout. Emotions [...]

Learning How To Become Thoughtless2017-12-08T19:07:51+00:00

Parallette Practice: L-sit to Handstand


It is important to note that all inversions completed on a wall are modifications/substitutes to those same movements performed OFF the wall. Once a level of comfortability has been shown on the wall, ALWAYS attempt to transition that skill OFF the wall. Today we look at the mechanic involved in moving from an L-sit directly into a Handstand Hold on Parallettes ( We acknowledge a base level of strength must be evident in both the L-sit and Handstand. Baseline abilities include a 30 sec L-sit hold and 60 sec handstand hold. Build these skills up separate before trying to perform simultaneously. [...]

Parallette Practice: L-sit to Handstand2017-12-07T17:28:38+00:00

Your WHY is so soft you’ll never reach your goals


I can’t believe 2017 is almost over! As Christmas quickly turns into the New Year, we are forced to reflect on the goals we set earlier in the year. - Did you lose those 10lbs you wanted to drop? - Did you exercise more often? - Did you improve on your lifts like you hoped to? - Did your flexibility improve? - Did you save enough money? - Did you take up that new hobby you wanted to learn? Unfortunately for many of us it just didn’t happen. I know this because statistically, we are part of a figure that proves [...]

Your WHY is so soft you’ll never reach your goals2017-12-01T12:36:44+00:00

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