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What is a cluster and why should you care?


Today's Skill piece is a Power Clean Cluster 1.1.1. A post shared by Home Of CrossFit Naples (@naples_strength) on Nov 27, 2017 at 9:50am PST A cluster isn't a complete rest between reps but it isn't a "touch-n-go" either. It falls somewhere in the middle. What this means is the athlete will complete a heavy power clean, rest 3-10sec and repeat 3x. If an athlete completes the set we ask them to go up in load. Missing sets is encouraged. It means the athlete has met their full potential that day. Here's why we like clusters: 1) The little rest between [...]

What is a cluster and why should you care?2017-11-27T18:45:47+00:00

Did you wake up with Post-Thanksgiving Blues


"Negative emotions like guilt have an essential role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.” Let me ask you: Did you wake up with the Post-Thanksgiving blues? Did you overeat and hate yourself for it? Did you tell yourself you were going to limit how much you ate but didn’t? Did you say you were going to get up in the morning to workout but slept in instead? Guilt is a fascinating emotion that scientist are just now beginning to understand. Scientists believe that the feeling of guilt has the power to regulate social behavior. [...]

Did you wake up with Post-Thanksgiving Blues2017-11-24T19:53:18+00:00

This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for


This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for... 1. My wife. Without her, I'm just a lost puppy with no direction. I've come to depend on her as my voice of reason. She's actually really funny too! 2. My son. It's been a little over a year since he was born. A day hasn't gone by that I haven't laughed and smiled at something he has done. He gives me purpose. 3. My family. I don't get to see them much but whenever I need something they drop everything for me. I hope I can provide the same to them when they need [...]

This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for2017-11-24T13:23:07+00:00

Who Cares How Much You Eat For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it forces us to stop and remind ourselves to give thanks and count our blessings. With that said, I’ve never understood the guilt of eating an endless amount of food on Thanksgiving. Isn’t that what makes Thanksgiving one of the best holidays ever?! I know that's probably not the most politically correct answer as a trainer and coach, but it's the truth. No single salad made anyone skinny. Conversely, no Double Cheeseburger ever made anyone become overweight. Nevertheless, if you are already feeling anxiety about overeating on Thanksgiving here are [...]

Who Cares How Much You Eat For Thanksgiving2017-11-23T12:28:08+00:00

How To Coach the Power Clean in 60 seconds


The utility of the Power Clean is unparalleled. Not only does this exercise develop explosive power coupled appropriately can produce effective conditioning doses. As a staple exercise in our gym, our coaches have mastered a simple warmup for the Power Clean. At the novice and intermediate level, the Power Clean is a hybrid exercise of both the Deadlift and a partial Front Squat. The third most crucial instructional advice we teach is how to add speed and timing to the lift. The utility of the Power Clean is unparalleled. Not only does this exercise develop explosive power coupled appropriately can produce [...]

How To Coach the Power Clean in 60 seconds2017-11-19T13:30:10+00:00

Do you Sweat, Smile, Repeat?


Sweat, Smile, Repeat. Not only is this a simple formula for well-being it is backed by science. Sweat. A study involving healthy middle-aged men and women in an 45 year span saw an increased risk of death of those individuals who remained sedentary compared to those that remained active. Recent investigations have revealed even rates of cardiovascular disease as well. Smile. Studies have shown that the act of smiling has a profound impact on our emotions. Smiling triggers a reduction in stress-enhancing hormones and while simultaneously increasing the production of mood-enhancing hormones. Coincidentally people who frown less report experiencing more positive feelings.Some of this [...]

Do you Sweat, Smile, Repeat?2017-11-18T12:48:44+00:00

How To Coach and Perform the Elusive “Toes To Bar”


Watching the Toes-To-Bar (TTB) performed at high speeds is beautiful. Advanced CrossFit athletes can make them look effortless. If you've ever attempted to perform TTB's you know they are anything but effortless. Like anything in life, if you want to get good at these it's going to take proper practice and training. Training only CrossFit for the last 10 years, and owning a gym for the last 7, I can confidently identify the 4 commons reasons athletes struggle to perform this exercise. 1.Grip Strength If an athlete cannot hang on a pull-up bar for 60 seconds at-a-time there is no magic [...]

How To Coach and Perform the Elusive “Toes To Bar”2017-11-17T17:32:51+00:00

How to Reply to Negative Emails


It's impossible to make everyone happy. What I find interesting with disgruntled clients is that they are much more blunt through email than they would ever dare to be in person. Similar to liquid courage, where people do things they wouldn't normally do while intoxicated, "email courage" seems to produce the same side effects. The easiest thing to do when receiving a rude email is to become just as rude in return. I've don't this a few times. It has never gone well. What made matters worse was that these types of emails would bother me for days. Owning a business [...]

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The Real Meaning of Food Moderation


The dieting term "cheating" comes from the philosophy of the Clean Eating Approach. On this diet, it is typically encouraged that 80-90% of your food remains "healthy" (whatever that means). The 20-30% left over can be used to eat "bad" (whatever that means) foods. In this context moderation is your limit on how much "bad" food you eat. Heres the problem studies have shown that trying to"eat clean" isn't sustainable long term. These diets are restrictive and very unpractical to modern living. I try not to use the word cheating in conversation with clients because the connotation implies you are dishonest and [...]

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L-sit Progression for All Type of Athletes


We are so used to training the abdominals through repetitive spinal flexion and extension that when we incorporate an exercise that requires a static position we second guess its effects. That is until you try the L-sit. It is the easiest looking, least intimating core exercise that I know.  I have seen younger women master this exercise while I have seen it make grown men cry. As we know it, the L-sit place the spine in flexion. Although to a smaller degree it is evident when you focus your eyes on the athletes look back. You notice more of around than [...]

L-sit Progression for All Type of Athletes2017-11-09T19:40:47+00:00

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