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85lb One Arm Push Press (demo)


The One DB Push Press is highly effective in developing greater power, strength, and coordination. Any limitation in any of this skill will become evident as loads go up. Here are some mental cues to help make this movement a bit easier for me: 1.Dip The dip is used to place the load of the weight into the leg. In doing so, will give us greater speed through the lift. Dip as necessary to feel the weight transfer into the legs but not so deep you feel like your squatting. 2. Drive The drive phase begins as you reverse from the dip, [...]

85lb One Arm Push Press (demo)2017-09-01T16:39:33+00:00

My ridiculous discipline and positive attitude towards the unknown


People ask me all the time how I'm able to manage it all and look so happy doing it. Running a business full-time, going to school full-time, raising a family, and taking care of my health is all part of my daily routine. My answer to that question is GRATITUDE. I know it cheesy but its true! It was unrealistic for me to get an MBA because I was a "jock" in high school. It was unrealistic for me to become a successful business owner because "I had no money". It was unrealistic for me to have kids because "I waited [...]

My ridiculous discipline and positive attitude towards the unknown2017-08-20T17:42:40+00:00

Kneeling Lunge Barbell Press SUPERSETS


This was one of the most unique and challenging supersets we worked on in class this week. Skill: 5 Kneeling Barbell Press (each side) + Hand Stand Push Ups Rest as needed between sets The volume was only 15 reps per set. We encouraged our athletes to keep the weight moderately light to allow for continuous, crisp presses. By the time the athlete reached the handstands it took everything they had to finish off the 5th rep.

Kneeling Lunge Barbell Press SUPERSETS2017-08-16T20:12:12+00:00

Banded Frog Stretch


This stretch is extremely challenging and highly effective for tight hips. To do the Frog Stretch, kneel on the ground and spread your knees as wide as possible while also supporting yourself on your palms. Turn your toes out as you open your knees as wide as possible. Then sit your butt back toward your heels as much as possible while keeping your knees wide. You may not be able to sit back much, but just push back as far as you can. Keep the inside of your shoes facing the ground.

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Smooth Continuous Mobility Flow (head-to-toe)


If you've ever trained with me you know I hate to stretching. Warming up to me is what I call my first 3 sets of my first exercise of the day. Trying to practice what I teach I've started to incorporate more movement into my training sessions. The following flow was created to get my body loose without having to set up any equipment. Have done this for a few weeks I can say it does feel better sooner than if I didn't warm up this way. 5 Point Squat (Legs, Shoulders) As well as a good full body test, this [...]

Smooth Continuous Mobility Flow (head-to-toe)2017-08-13T18:00:21+00:00

The True Meaning Of Moderation


The dieting term "cheating" is the philosophy of the Clean Eating Approach. Studies have shown that trying to always "eat clean" is not sustainable long term. These diets are restrictive and very unpractical to modern living. What we do need to understand when eating less favorable foods is that you can't go the entire day "cheating" and expect not to go over some calories that will cause weight gain. Everyone's calories needs are different. Using a macro calculator will help you set a baseline for weight loss, gain, and maintenance. If you plan on going out to dinner with the family and [...]

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