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Be different, stand out, and work your butt off


Sometimes we forget how different we think about training until we hang out with people who don't train like us. Just the other day I was questioned by a personal training client about my training philosophy. "I hate you right now," she said out of breath. "Everything you're telling me right now is the opposite of what I've been told." Her comment wasn't done in a condescending way. What she was saying indirectly was that I was forcing her to rethink everything she thought about fitness. By the end of the session, she joked and asked if she could fly me [...]

Be different, stand out, and work your butt off2017-05-26T16:52:31+00:00

From College Drop Out to Grad Student


The second reason why I believe I've been so successful is that I surrounded myself with people that truly wanted the best for me. (Read Part ONE if you haven't yet) 2. Surround yourself with people who believe in you "Why would I want to go back to college?", I told him. "I dropped out five years I'm happy with my life." I had a part-time job cleaning pools. I spent the rest of my time coaching wrestling. What more could a 23-year-old want from life? I took the job as the assistant wrestling coach from a suggestion by my [...]

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Losing was the best thing that ever happened to me


It was my sophomore of high school. I was competing in my first year as a varsity wrestler. Midway through the season, we had a big tournament lined up on the schedule called Captain Archers. This was the most well-known tournament for being the largest and most challenging of the season. What made it unique from all the other tournaments was that if you advanced to the finals, all the lights would turn off in the gymnasium, and only one light remained on over the wrestling mat for all to see. To say that I was nervous to compete at this [...]

Losing was the best thing that ever happened to me2017-05-22T16:30:11+00:00

How Much Information is too Much In the Information Age


KEY TERM and WHY YOU ARE INTERESTED IN IT  Over the last decade with the boom of the Internet we, have been bombarded with more information than ever before. The Information Age has connected the world together through technology giving us unprecedented access to anything and everything known to man. Understanding the Information Age interests me very much as it has a direct impact on the economy, society, and culture as a whole. In the United States, it’s not that we don’t have enough information to work with as in past centuries, it’s that we have too much information which has [...]

How Much Information is too Much In the Information Age2017-05-20T23:51:43+00:00

Taking Ritalin, Helping Others, and Believing You’re Better Than Everyone Else


I'm coming up on eight years of running a business. I've been beyond blessed to do this full-time as a career and provide for my family. It hasn't been easy and never will it be. That's what makes entrepreneurship so challenging. If it were easy everyone would do it. Reflecting back on these past eight years I believe these 3 reasons are why I've been so successful. 1. I believed I was better than everyone else Before you call me arrogant, you have to understand where I'm coming from. If I were arrogant, I would have come off as overbearing and [...]

Taking Ritalin, Helping Others, and Believing You’re Better Than Everyone Else2017-05-09T11:32:11+00:00

You never learned how to ride a bike by staring at yourself in the mirror


It’s been years since I found myself in a commercial gym. One of the things that always stood out to me were the seemingly endless amounts of mirrors that wrapped the gym. Everywhere I turned I was confronted with a reflection of myself. The typical commercial gym set up is like this…To one side of the gym, you had the meatheads at the dumbbell rack station staring at themselves in between their tremendously long rest periods. And to the other end of the gym, you would find mostly ladies on the treadmill burning their calories off while also starting at themselves [...]

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Any great leader recognizes that the greatest skill a leader can have is their ability to exert influence (Fischer, 2017). When I opened my business over seven years ago, I never imagined how hard it would be to become the leader needed to run a successful business. Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, said it best: "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." My primary focus when building my coaching staff was to ensure that I found the best personal trainers possible. Ironically, being [...]

VALUES ALWAYS TRUMP RULES2017-05-04T11:18:07+00:00

The 3 Most Important Things In Life: SELF-CONFIDENCE (P3)


When you're a little kid being overweight is cute, as you get older, that's not the case. It eventually becomes a source of guilt and humiliation from your "friends" and yourself. From the ages of 8-14years old, I was fat. That's just a fact. I consistently weighed 15-20lbs heavier than my peers. I knew that I was overweight, but it wasn't something that we ever talked about in my family. I had been that way since I could remember. It never had a negative impact on me growing up until the day I couldn't play football anymore. I had been playing [...]

The 3 Most Important Things In Life: SELF-CONFIDENCE (P3)2017-05-02T15:23:03+00:00

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