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10 Tips I Use On Social Media


Social mеdіа is here to stay. In business you will get quickly forgotten about if you aren't focusing on sound social media behavior. Here are 10 things I've done to build our business Facebook and Instagram page over the past year. 1. Deliver Value Yоu оffеr vаluе tо your сlіеntѕ bу gіvіng away what уоu knоw аnd are раѕѕіоnаtе аbоut. Do the same thing on your social media accounts. Are уоu a personal trainer? Whаt's уоur bеѕt cue fоr thе dеаdlіft? Arе уоu a lawyer? Whаt nеw lаwѕ will affect mу buѕіnеѕѕ іn 2016? Gіvе mе stuff thаt can ultіmаtеlу hеlр [...]

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Side Split Training


For most people, the split is the ultimate display of flexibility. With practice you can achieve great improvements with a little bit of consistency and patience. Helpful Tips: Hold these positions for at least two minutes using a timer. Work to end range but not severe pain or moments of tingly toes. If you can't support yourself use a bench on each side for balance. Video Link

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Why Every Business Needs A Newsletter


What is so important to understand about newsletter campaigns is it gives you the opportunity to consistently stay in front of your audience. These are people who you have already built trust and credibility with, because you've already done business with them in one manner or another. We treat this newsletter just like an online newspaper. What we add to a newsletter are the same things you would find in a newspaper. It's informational, fun, and engaging. In our newsletter we also include pictures, videos, coupons and monthly deals. And what we need to understand is that people are using or [...]

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The Art and Science of Coaching


Functional Movements are one of the 3 defining variables of CrossFit. At the heart of these movements they prepare you for life. Squatting, Running, Jumping, Throwing, Pulling and Picking things up aren't just things you do at the gym. They are requirements for high quality of living. These movements have been around for thousands of years. They weren't invented by anyone and they are found everywhere. It's what our bodies were meant to do. CrossFit uses these movements because they are much more effective outside the gym and superior to any machine created by man. At the core of all squatting [...]

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4 Steps to Effortless Weight Loss: Educate, Calculate, Log, Lose


I can say without a shadow of a doubt if you follow this program you will get results. I started in late October and have lost 25 lbs and counting. This is NOT the Paleo Diet. In fact, I don’t care what you eat as long as you stay under your caloric needs that I call your “magic number” (more on that in a minute). Here are the 4 Things You Need To Do: 1. Educate I didn’t create this weight loss system. The program we are following is called the Renaissance Diet. It begins by stating that 50% of your [...]

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Practical Meal Prep


What's the first thing you think about when I say...meal prep? This is what I think about... Not only is this impractical I can only image how gross the meals would taste later in the week eating the same thing over and over again. [Note: The quality of the food drops dramatically after four days and increases the chance of food poison (link)] I would never encourage this form of meal prepping due to its monotonous food choice and lack of variety. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Why restrict your diet to the same 5 foods when there are thousands [...]

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Superheros & Hormones


It would make sense that if your "magic" number to lose weight is 1600 calories that by eating drastically below that number you will lose weight faster. Not only is that not true, it will sabotage your success long term. To believe that you can fix your daily calories to whatever you decide in your head is dangerous and doesn't take into account your body type and activity level. I wish I was a super hero and had X-ray vision that could track the hormonal effect starving has on the body in real time.  When I say starving, I'm not talking [...]

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